Our Mission

People go to beauty lounges to look their best. People come to Dolce Lounge to feel their best.  

Our Values



To make everyone feel welcome, appreciated, understood and heard.



To stay true to who we are, what we do and who we serve.



To respect everyone, regardless of gender expressions, religion, race or other attributes.

Our Story

Meet Harman

Dolce Lounge began with a belief that people deserved more when it came to their self-care. With a background in business and beauty Harman created Dolce Lounge in 2021, an establishment that goes beyond traditional pampering and a bigger emphasis on your experience and quality of treatment. With a refreshment bar, high quality guest service and exceptional treatments, Dolce Lounge has changed the meaning of where and how your time and money is spent on self-care.

Dolce Lounge, where beauty and wellness inspire a healthy transformation.

Dolce Lounge is designed to provide you with moments of peaceful bliss in your busy world.

From neutral colours, refreshments, privacy drapes and silent appointment options, we ensure your visit is not a task to check off, but rather an enlightening and refreshing experience.

We believe in and prioritize physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Our professional staff works with you to support your needs, no matter how big or small.